I remember my first ever rejection. The typed page was taped onto the door and it had six names. Mine wasn’t one of them. 

I remember feeling the acidity rise in my throat, the tears start to well up in my eyes. I remember a brief flash of betrayal and some anger. And then there was resolve. It was a life-changing rejection.

Why? This first rejection made me pursue science instead of law. This rejection changed the trajectory of my entire educational career.

Here I only address academic/professional rejections because, truthfully, I experienced way more relational rejection from a young age. I can address that in a separate post, as long as I don’t get too personal. In any case, this post is about a recent professional rejection.

I mentioned before that I went on an interview for a firm job. And today I got rejected. I felt disappointed, but nothing like the first rejection. It was just a rejection, like many I’ve had since my first. And in the legal field, rejections are the norm. An offer is this golden egg.

So I faced my old friend Rejection today. And then I shrugged and said, “onward!”

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